Natural creamy

Our Soft Cheeses

Gentle and mild, yet strong in character

Our soft cheeses mature from outside in becoming creamier and creamier with time. They are cloaked in a fine, bloomy white fungus rind, while the interior of some specialties come with fiery or beery refinements.

Tegernseer Camembert

Rich and creamy


Soft and walnutty

Tegernseer Pfeffer-Schütz

Pleasantly piquant


Aromatic and spicy


Cheese for cheers
Smooth, wholesome and full-bodied.

Semi-Soft Cheese

Naturally healthy, carefully handcrafted.

Semi-Hard Cheese

Gently produced, carefully nurtured, patiently ripened.

Hard Cheese

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Closed on New Years, Twelfth Day, Good Friday, All Saint’s Day, Christmas Day.
November: Closed on Wednesdays.