Our Purity Law

In reference to the beer brewer’s ancient purity law (which is strictly limiting the ingredients) we introduced one ourselves for our cheese. We exclusively use day-fresh hay milk, natural rennet, cultures (e.g. lactobacillus), sea salt and – depending on the type of cheese – organic herbs and seasoning. Of course, we use has no genetically modified ingredients – from our cattle’s feed to the ingredients which we need for cheese making. But it already starts with the rich soil which grows a variety of herbs and grass, guaranteeing a full, delicious and healthy taste.

Our way forward

We believe in our responsibility to protect the richness and the diversity of our environment for generations to come. The Naturkäserei proves that true dedication can actually initiate change. Our products are of the best quality stemming from the luscious pastures right in front of our doorsteps. The feed of our cattle naturally follows the seasons, our extensive farming protects the biodiversity and saves resources. Also, our hay milk has the shortest distances to travel – our commitment to organic farming is holistic.

Farm to Table

We are deeply rooted in nature and our home, the Tegernsee valley, but at the same time, we encourage a culture open for new views and insights, for a diversity of people and for fresh ideas. We believe in traditional artisan cheesemaking and in the responsibility to protect our homeland. We are dedicated to deliver the best natural produce from field to table – in a resource-saving and transparent way.

Bavarians – they say – can be severely stubborn. Well, we definitely have been in our firm belief in natural farming and our rejection of industrial standardization. We hope to inspire others with our successful story. The source of our own inspiration and motivation is the Tegernsee valley. Every day we are grateful to see the beauty of our land – our most important supplier and the heart of everything we do and enjoy.

Our Magazine

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Restaurant & Shop:
April - October: daily from 9 am to 6 pm
November - March: daily from 9 am to 5 pm

Closed on New Years, Twelfth Day, Good Friday, All Saint’s Day, Christmas Day. November: Closed on Wednesdays.
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